New Suds For All the Okies

As I sit here sipping on a crisp Stella Artois lager, I can’t help but wonder how many other tasty brews that I have yet to sample. As a resident of Stillwater, Oklahoma, I don’t get many opportunities to sample truly exotic beers. However, it looks like I will soon have a new variety.

San Francisco-based brewing company Gordon Biersch will now offer its products in the great state of Oklahoma. This company offers several different brews such as Blonde Bock, Sommerbrau, and Festbier.  These specific types are just a few of the ones that they offer.

I, for one, am excited to try Gordon Biersch’s beers because I have only found these types of beers made by Shiner Brewery. Plus, I am interested to see how these American brewers compete with typically European-style beers. Hopefully, these beers can find their way to Stillwater. Otherwise, ROAD TRIP to Tulsa will be in order.


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